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Topbike Physio Bike Fit - Emma Colson Melbourne

Topbike Physio Emma Colson’s Physio Bike Fit Has a New (Online) Home

Emma Colson (Topbike Physio) has now moved her Melbourne based bike-fitting physio practice over to a dedicated new website:

Emma Colson Topbike Physio - Physio Bike Fit

Emma has been performing bike-fits on injured cyclists for 22 years now and has finally created an online home dedicated to Cycling Assessment, Injury Management & Prevention – Physio Bike Fit.

All types of cyclists have been seeing Emma for years for anything from those minor twinges to the very nasty pains that sometimes occur due the repetitious nature of the sport.

Pat Jonker (former Australian Pro cyclist) once said that being a pro cyclist was akin to being a factory worker. For most of us we don’t get to the ‘pain’ phase of cycling like Pat did, but to keep our riding in the ‘pleasure’ phase, appropriate bike-fit settings are an ergonomic necessity.

Bike-fitting and injury management for cyclists is a special combination of the physical assessment of the cyclist, measurement of anthropometrics, flexibility, stability, cycling experience and trying to marry this up to the presenting injury diagnosis, implementing change in settings or rehabilitation management.

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Emma is a trained and post graduate qualified physiotherapist of more than 25 years experience.

Emma’s appointments are of 3 hours duration and located in Fitzroy in her specially equipped bike fit studio at Topbike HQ.

Look up the site or call her on 0438 467 792.

Physio Bike Fit Process with Topbike Physio Emma Colson