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An Australian company, Topbike has a fully equipped European base and its own fleet of high quality hire bikes and E-bikes.

We specialise in quality cycling tours with small groups and are famous for looking after our clients.

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Giro d’Italia 2023

May 20 - 28
Bergamo - Brescia
Topbike Tour Itinerary Now Announced
2023 Edition: Giro d’Italia
'Follow the Corsa Rosa' with Topbike Tours

9 days (8 nights) fully supported. This is a ‘chase the race’ tour with the focus being on seeing all the components of a Grand tour: Start sign-ons, Sprints, Stage Finishes, Hill top climbs and the ability to ride at least part of the course/stage where possible. At the Giro you can immerse yourself in race excitement and see world class riders close up.

With Topbike, we’ll chase the Giro d’Italia through Lombardia, in and out of Trentino, and the Veneto, up the passes of Valcava, Sevino, Valpiana, Santa Barbara, Bordala, Matassone, Verrada, Monte Bondone, Pordoi (3 times) Sella, Gardena, Campolongo and the Marmolada, through the Sud Tirol and the Dolomites. You’ll love the backdrop of the vineyards, the olive groves and the mountains of the Dolomites.

We’ll start with two nights in the ‘Old Town’ of Bergamo, high on the hill in the ‘Citta Alta’ two nights on Monte Bondone, where a stage hilltop finish is close to our hotel.  We’ll finish with four nights at Arabba, where we’ll ride not just the Sella Ronda but a whole lot more, and a stage will pass the door of our hotel.

This is a fantastic event, where you can really get in touch with these world class riders. We ride most mornings, encompassing parts of the stages the riders will be competing on. We get to see the riders on the road, climbs and finishes.

Giro d'Italia - Follow the Corsa Rosa with Topbike Tours, Cycling Holiday in Italy

2023 Tour Price: $6950
(AUD) (Per Person)

GIRO Tour, Italy
May 20 - 28 2023

2023 Tour Price: $6950 (AUD) (Per person)

Group size will be limited to 8, with 2 staff.

Rides will average 70-90k+, along with >1000m vertical, per day.

Accommodation & Dining

We use the best locally operated accommodation that is convenient to the race route we are following. Topbike is known for its emphasis on excellent cuisine and the Giro tour will make the most of local dining at its best. Topbike first went to the Giro in 2003, the group comprised Cadel’s mum, step-dad and Nonna!

9 Days/8 Nights
May 20 - 28 2023+ *
  • Destination

  • Tour Start / Finish

    Bergamo to Brescia
  • Pick Up

    May 20 - Pickup 11.00am: Bergamo Station
  • Drop Off

    May 28 - Drop off 12.00pm: Brescia Station
  • Cycling Fitness/Experience

    Any + E-Bikes Available

Saturday, May 20: Stage 14 | Sierre → Cassano Magnago 194 km

After pick up at Bergamo Station we’ll transfer up to the Citta Alta, not too far from the station, in the Topbike air conditioned mini-bus.
After arrival we can sort out our bikes and have a crack at the Nembro-Zogno 60k scenic ride that loops around through the hills to the north of Bergamo.  Tonight we’ll dine in a local ristorante that features the best Bergamasca cuisine.


Recently refurbished 4 star hotel, with a ristorante close by


local ristorante

Ride: < 60km, <1000m vertical

Terrain: Anti-clockwise loop to the north of Bergamo, with one significant climb, amongst other smaller ones.


Sunday, May 21: Stage 15 | Seregno → Bergamo 191km

Today’s stage finish is in our town, albeit, downtown. The stage starts close by too, and as the course does a couple of big loops, the three major climbs of the day are all within cycling distance from our hotel. And the climb we rode yesterday is the final climb today. So there’s a myriad of choices for where we ride today. Do we do one, two or all three of them? Probably one to call on the day? Not forgetting the race finish in town, of course!


Recently refurbished 4 star hotel, with a ristorante close by.


Local Ristorante.

Ride: <??k, <???m vertical.

Terrain: Hills, followed by more hills?


Monday, May 22: GIRO REST DAY

While the Giro rests, we’ll get on our bikes, after a little transport. It’s about 200k to our new digs high on the hill close to tomorrow’s stage finish. So, at some point we will stop transporting and start riding, maybe a with a bit less than half of tomorrows grand route to ride? From Rovereto, on the main valley floor below all the final ascents, it’s 96k to the finish, so we can make a choice there, on where we’ll head.


Excellent 3 star Hotel with inhouse dining, and views.



Ride: < 96km, < 3600m vertical

Terrain: From Rovereto it’s up on the east side of the valley before descending down again and up on the western side. Shortcut available (just skip the east side of the valley)


Tuesday, May 23: Stage 16 | Sabbio Chiese → Monte Bondone, 198k

We’re high on the hill, not far from today’s stage finish, and the view is pretty good. It’s up to us what we want to do today, as the race will come to us. So we can ride over to the stage finish and watch the set up, or get out for a ride, or have a relaxing morning after yesterday’s big ride and soak up the view by the pool? The agony of choice.


Excellent 3 star Hotel with inhouse dining, and views



Ride: <???km, >??00m vertical

Terrain: One climb of note, but mostly a gentle ride, with overall ‘net loss’.


Wednesday May 24: Stage 17 | Pergine Valsugana → Caorle, 192km

While the peloton has a flat stage, or downhill really, as they speed for the coast, we’re moving deeper (read ‘higher’) into the Dolomites, to the town of Arabba, on the Sella Ronda.
We can ride door to door, if keen, and eschew the car totally today. While we’ll definitely be starting with a descent, once we’re on the valley floor and crossing through the town of Trento, the only way afterwards is up-up-up. At 130k it’s a big day, and one not to be underestimated. The final Col, and highest point of the day is Passo Pordoi, roughly the same height as our own Mt Kosciusko, followed by a 9k descent into the town or Arabba, and one of our all-time favorite Hotels.


3 star hotel in the centre of town, with excellent ristorante inhouse. Best breakfast in Italy.



Ride: < 128km, 2400m vertical.

Terrain: Predominantly ‘up’ for most of the route


Thursday May 25: Stage 18 | Oderzo → Val di Zoldo 160km

Sometimes you have to feel for the riders of the peloton. All the way down to the coast yesterday near Venice, only to turn around and head back into the Dolomites today. It’s an unforgiving trade, all in the name of entertainment, for us!
We’ll be riding a loop of the Sella Ronda, just 52k with four climbs, four turns, and under 2000m vert. Although if you miss one of those turns, you’ll know all about it, and it changes the other figures. So don’t miss a turn! It’s the best 52k ride you will ever do.
We’ll have coffee and a picnic out on the road, and be home in good time to watch the finale of today’s stage live on the tele in our hotel bar, or one of the local bars, in town.


3 star hotel in the centre of town, with excellent ristorante inhouse. Best breakfast in Italy.


Excellent ristorante in-house. Best breakfast in Italy.

Ride: > 52km, < 1900m vertical



Friday May 26: Stage 19 | Longarone → Tre Cime di Lavaredo, 182k

A little bit of luxury today, as the stage passes by our hotel, 82k after the start. They’ll be going up Passo Campolongo, where the KOM is just 4k from our door.
In true Topbike tradition, we expect that no one will want to hang around the hotel. So, we have a couple of other options:
  • We could take to the road ahead of the peloton, and see how far we get?
  • Or we could shortcut through to Cortina, a beautiful Italian ski town, that once hosted the winter Olympics, and was also used as the location for the snow scape scenes in OO7’s 'For Your Eyes Only’. It’s 80k to our North-east, along the course (or 40k, if you go directly), and a great location to watch the race pass through.
  • Or simply ride to the top of Campolongo, Valparola (32k) or Passo Giau (60k). Note well that riding to the top of Giau is never, ever simple.


4 star hotel in the centre of town, with excellent ristorante inhouse. Best breakfast in Italy.


Excellent ristorante in-house

Ride: < 80km, < 200m

Terrain: ...


Saturday May 27: Stage 20 | Tarvisio → Monte Lussari, 18.6k ITT

Our last full day, and we’ll be taking on the Marmolada, and the Pordoi. More often used as a hilltop finish, the Marmolada is where Jai Hindley secured his win in the 2022 Giro. It’s a brutal climb, where the middle section is a long straight, uphill, and leaves you staring up the road to the final switchbacks of 12%, usually while you experience dead legs, shattered morale and a headwind. Once over the Marmolada we head down towards Canazei, and hook right up the Pordoi. No straight roads here, just lots of switchbacks as we amble to the top and enjoy a 9k downhill into Arabba.
We’ll be back in time for lunch, and maybe a siesta before watching the penultimate ITT stage of 19k on the tele.


4 star hotel in the centre of town, with excellent ristorante inhouse. Best breakfast in Italy.



Ride: < 75km, < 2500m vertical

Terrain: Two huge climbs. The first of which starts in a gorge, and finishes with >15%, the 2nd is the other side of Pordoi.


Sunday May 28: TOUR FINISH - Brescia Station 12.00 Noon

After breakfast, packing up bikes and luggage, we’ll be on the road. Unless other plans are made, our final farewells will be at Brescia Rail Station.
If we do everything planned, there'll have been: Three days of race viewing, incorporating two stage finishes, and two GPMs. We'll also have ridden about 7-800k, climbed many mountains, including Valcava, Sevino, Valpiana, Santa Barbara, Bordala, Matassone, Verrada, Monte Bondone, Pordoi (3 times) Sella, Gardena, Campolongo and the Marmolada.
Included in your tour is all transport from Bergamo to Brescia for you, your bike and one bag, accommodation, all breakfasts and all dinners. You will also receive a full 5 piece Topbike kit. Also included are your experienced and knowledgeable guides, maps, training tips, coaching (if required) and mechanical back-up for your bike. Please also see our recommended list of things to bring.
NB: The itinerary above is to be used as a guide only, as Topbike Tours are well known for making use of all (and creating some extra) opportunities, expect that variations from the above can happen at any time. Please note all distances are approximate and subject to change.