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David Olle and Emma Colson

An Australian company, Topbike has a fully equipped European base and its own fleet of high quality hire bikes and E-bikes.

We specialise in quality cycling tours with small groups and are famous for looking after our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Topbike’s Tours

Common Tour Questions

No question is too silly to ask so if it isn’t here then shoot us an email.

Female and traveling alone

No worries. Topbike Tours frequently takes female sole travelers. With adequate notification we can ensure that we have at least one female staff member working on your tour. You will only ever be paired with another female for twin share and if that is not possible you will room alone and NOT pay a single supplement.

What does twin share mean?

Twin share means you will be paired with another tour participant of the same sex for rooming purposes. You will never be paired with the opposite sex.

I am traveling alone must I pay a single supplement?

No you will be paired with another member of the same sex for rooming purposes. If there is no-one of the same sex then you will room alone and NOT pay a single supplement.

Are airfares included in the price?

No, the tour price is ground content only.

How will my beloved bike be carried?

On a rack system that contacts the tires only within a fully enclosed van. The bikes are secure, firmly held without frame contact and out of sight. Topbike takes care of your precious machine like it is our own.

Are non-riders catered for?

Topbike regularly takes non-riders on tour. If driving through small European villages, off the beaten tourist tracks, shopping for local produce at markets, taking picnics in the outdoors, practicing your language at local bars and eating/drinking/being merry is your type of holiday, then come along as a partner or even come unattached to a Lycra person. Our support staff are flexible and adaptable, making the most of the region you are visiting.

Consider hiring and riding an Electric Bike (E-Bike) with us. All of Topbike’s Tours are achievable by anyone on our E-Bikes!

How hard is the cycling?

This is the most common question we get asked and is to some extent dependant upon the tour you are doing. There is ALWAYS a back up van (pending road access), so when you’ve had enough help is at hand. Some people might decide to just ride a fraction of the itinerary and that is fine also. It’s up to you.

Topbike recommends that ‘turning the legs over’ 3 times per week for the 12 weeks leading into the tour, would be a good minimum fitness for all our tours to ensure your enjoyment.

Bike security

Bicycle theft in Europe is much more common than in Australia. This is why Topbike checks out its hotels to ensure bikes are locked within the building at night and are also chained and D locked with an alarm/warning system. When ‘on the road’ our staff are there to guard your bicycles, whilst you lap up the atmosphere, have a coffee and watch the stage pass by.

What laundry facilities are available?

Many hotels offer a laundry service at a premium rate, some charging per item. Laundromats are often difficult to access except in larger cities in Europe. The simplest solution is to travel with quick dry articles and give them a hand wash in the shower. A travel clothes line is recommended along with some hand wash powder.

Not in Melbourne and thinking about a Topbike Tour?

David and Emma love to travel and ride different areas of Australia so get your mates together locally and we can come and visit for a ride, coffee, chat or formal talk to your group. Just email us.