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David Olle and Emma Colson

An Australian company, Topbike has a fully equipped European base and its own fleet of high quality hire bikes and E-bikes.

We specialise in quality cycling tours with small groups and are famous for looking after our clients.

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E-Bike Hire Bikes on Tour

Electric Bikes
on a Topbike Tour

Riding an E-bike is like pedalling downhill all day!
Wilier Triestine E-Bike Triestina Hybrid - Topbike Tours Ebike Hire Fleet

Triestina Hybrid
- Topbike Tours' E-bike Hire Fleet for our 2023 European Cycling Holiday Season


All of Topbikes’ Cycling Tours are achievable by anyone on one of our E-Bikes

Come on tour with Topbike and take the hills and head winds out of cycling but keep that wonderful feeling of riding through the country side on a bike.

Topbike introduced our first E-bikes on tour in 2016 and they were such a hit we have since expanded our fleet of electric bikes available for hire on all of our tours.

Electric bikes take the difficulty out of cycling with pedal assistance. Depending upon the degree of assistance chosen, an E-bike can make a climb feel ‘flat’ or a head wind feel like a ‘tail wind’.

E-Bikes are perfect for those cyclists who are recovering from injury, a ‘non-cycling’ partner or those who haven’t gotten ‘out there’ on their bike lately but still want to experience the enjoyment and engagement of a cycling holiday.

Our E-bike fleet are the latest in technology from Wilier and come complete with a dual range extender battery. The bikes are light and easy to handle and manoever.

For E-bike sizing please send us your height.

Please advise us if you will be needing ‘flat pedals’ or if you are intending to bring your own pedals.


$990 per tour

I’m Hiring a Bike – What do I need to Bring?

2 drink bottles

Your helmet

Cycling shoes (or sneakers)

Your own pedals if you wish to ‘clip in’ (or let us know if you want ‘flat pedals’)

Your own saddle (if you wish)

In addition see ‘What to bring on a Topbike Tour’ for the rest of our recommended items.

E-Bikes are a great option for those occasional riders or partners of riders who want to come on tour.

Gallery - E-Bikes On Tour

Riding an Electric Bike on Tour with Topbike
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