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An Australian company, Topbike has a fully equipped European base and its own fleet of high quality hire bikes and E-bikes.

We specialise in quality cycling tours with small groups and are famous for looking after our clients.

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Another beaut sunset, outside our hotel, Porto - on Corsica

Topbike in 2024 – Topbike 5 Year Plan, TdF Alps Climbs, Tuscany, Topbike Talk

Topbike in 2024
Topbike 5 Year Plan

When I started Topbike back in ’98, I had a five year plan, with a bunch of goals – just like every new, keen, dreaming, business operator is supposed to have. As I had no idea what I was doing, and little experience, it should come as no surprise that the five year plan took ten years to achieve. At that point, after 5 minutes of dreaming, I chose to introduce the 20 year plan. Fast forward to the current day, where we are about to embark on our 27th year, and we find it is time to introduce another five year plan, with the goal at the end being none other than retirement.

While that is the track we are currently on, there’s one trick that has eluded us so far, to live in Europe for a full year. So, December 29 we are off, and will be living in France, at Le Bourg d’Oisans, for all of next year. Come January you’ll find Betty in school, MBW skiing Alpe d’Huez, and you’ll likely find me in Rue du Général de Gaulle, sipping pastis at ‘Café des Negociants’, with Didier, the proprieteur.

NB: I am fully aware that if you do the simple maths on the years above, the count doesn’t add up…and there’s a simple explanation for this – Betty was never in any of those plans 😊

TdF Alps Tour, June 15-22

Next year one of tours is an old favorite revisited. In brief – 8 Days/7 nights, riding the Cols of Alpe d’Huez, Glandon, Croix de Fer, Telegraphe, Galibier, Lautaret & more.

Enough climbing for everyone. Eight days/seven nights, all in the one location = unpack just the once. We’ll be staying in a renovated farmhouse, with excellent cuisine, on the valley floor, surrounded by mountains. The tour cost is $5450.00 pp twin share and will include all the usuals, which means you should only need a few extra euros for morning coffees, and other bar costs. (Drinks with meals, included).

This tour is past minimum numbers: contact us for the full program/booking form.

Topbike Rides Tuscany, June 20-27 & Sept 16-23

Annabelle and Jamie have two of these planned for next year, similar to the Alps tour above, just not so mountainous, with a bit more emphasis on pizza, pasta, grappa & gelati.

Glorious full days of tailored training rides around the Apennines above Pistoia. Jamie and Annabelle lived in the area while both racing the euro circuit in the 90’s. Includes a visit to the Tuscan King of Capuccini. Good value at $5,450.00 pp twin share.

Contact us for the full program/booking form.

Chartered Tours, 2025 & Beyond

For the next five years, at least, we plan to run chartered tours, as we will always have the plant ready to go, at our base in Italy.

Just let us know what your and your peloton requires, and we’ll do the rest (pelotons of all sizes welcome).

Contact us for the full program/booking form.

Topbike Talk

There is no such thing as wrong roads, just different types of right roads (Sicily especially)
The road is always downhill, apart from the up bits.
No such thing as ‘downhill all the way’ but on this road there is ‘net loss’.
What’s ahead on this ride?  Nothing over 18%…
Never mind the local history, ask me a cycling question
‘You’ll never ride alone’ applies to everyone – unless you’re like Chook, and sneak off for a slash while everyone else is mounting up.
I’m sure that bumper was half ripped off when we picked up the hire car.
The four ‘ways’ of Topbike.  The right way, the wrong way, my way and Kahn’s way.  Unless Kahn is around, everything will be done my way.  Those who know Kahn, know… 😊

PS:  We have purposely de-tuned our website (much to the consternation and disgust of our web-maestra), if you need any further info, please call or email direct to us, details below.


Above – Row 1:
Left: Another beaut sunset, outside our hotel, Porto – on Corsica
Right: MBD, above Bourg d’Oisans – ‘Hey, you can see our place from here!’
Above Row 2:
Left: Some idiot on Agnello, Tour of Piemonte
Right: Suze & Jess on Prato Nevoso, Tour of Piemonte
(Images: David Olle)

Topbike Tours - Italian Climbs

Ebikes available on all tours, even the climbs tours – bring along your bestie…

Paul Miller & Naomi, high on the Montegrappa - Topbike Classic Italian Climbs 2018