Topbike Tours - European Cycling Holiday Specialists

David Olle and Emma Colson

An Australian company, Topbike has a fully equipped European base and its own fleet of high quality hire bikes and E-bikes.

We specialise in quality cycling tours with small groups and are famous for looking after our clients.

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What to Bring on Your Topbike Tour

When travelling it is wise to use the Buddhist refrain 'Less is More'.

Less luggage is definitely much easier to handle when overseas. One suitcase (small-ish) plus your bike should be all you need. Travel insurance is COMPULSORY! Don’t leave without it.
What to Bring

Helmet, Australian design approved. COMPULSORY WEARING ON ALL TOURS

Lightweight rain jacket, the ‘assos’ rain jackets are highly recommended

Layers are better than one thick item, i.e. singlet/undershirt (2)

Cycling knicks (2 pairs), jersey (2), and wind vest (Topbike provided kit)

Cycling shoes & socks (MTB shoes with recessed cleats make walking around easier)

Very light sandals or thongs if you want to use road cycling shoes

Cleat covers if you are using road shoes

Spare cleats if you are using road shoes (it is not always possible to easily buy your model in Europe and they do wear out very quickly if you are walking around in them)

Two Drink biddons

Gloves, long fingered if doing alpine tours even in summer

Small puncture kit, 2 spare tubes & pump or CO2 head (mounted to your bike, these items are provided on hire bikes)

Very small set of Allen keys

A neckwarmer if doing alpine tours

Leg and arm warmers

Bootie covers (optional)


Small on bike lock to prevent the snatch and grab theft (provided on hire bikes)

Please note that Topbike uses solid D locks and heavy cables when locking all bikes together, however there are occasions when you might stop for a coffee that these small locks are handy

Front and rear flashing lights

A good pair of walking around shoes that will double up as your stepping out shoes

Light-weight clothes, (requiring no ironing) make life easier while travelling, you can get by on 3 changes of clothes in total, only!

Sun cream, sunglasses, floppy hat

Small toiletry bag/ear plugs


Lightweight daypack that can also be comfortably carried on the bike if required

A small towel

Bathers (if going to France and planning on swimming in a public pool the bathers must have the bikini line exposed ie budgie smugglers NOT board shorts)

Camera and leads to connect to PC (as we collate all photos at the trip conclusion)

A small amount of hand washing powder concentrate

Money: Credit cards (at least 2) and Euros in cash

Mobile phone: NB activate ‘global roaming’ by calling your service provider prior to departure. Your phone is useful for texting and for making local calls whilst in Europe however for any other calls (to and receiving Australia) it is preferable to buy a local chip upon arrival in Europe

Mobile phone charger

Power adaptor for Europe

Personal medications, it is advisable to carry a doctor’s letter for any script medication

Back up copies of your travel documents (passport, credit cards, insurance policy, tickets, etc should be scanned in and stored remotely for instant access in the case of loss or theft)


Australian Medicare card

Australian Drivers license

Mesh bags are useful to separate clothing, have a spare for dirty clothes

A headlight can be handy for night reading

You'll need to bring your own pedals, shoes, helmet and bidons.

Bring your own saddle if you love it.

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