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Italian Climbs

June 18-26, 2023
Brescia - Brescia

9 days (8 nights) fully supported, we start in Brescia, climbing every day we ride high up into the Dolomites, tackling the climbs made famous by the Giro D’Italia. This tour finishes near Venice. 

Starting gently on the shores of Lago Iseo with a warm up lake lap. Day two we will we tackle Croce Domini and Passa Maniva. We then move deep into the Dolomites to Ponte di Legno to climb Gavia, Stelvio, Mortirolo. The next stop is Arabba for three nights allowing us to ride the Sella Ronda – (Campolongo, Pordoi, Gardena, Sella) and day two the Marmolada. Riding out of Arabba, we have a long downhill day and leave the Dolomites behind for our final destination Crocetta del Montello. Our last days climbing will be the Montegrappa.

Italian Climbs - Ride the climbs made famous by the Giro with Topbike Tours

2023 Tour Price: $6850
(AUD) (Per Person)

Classic Italian Climbs
June 18-26
Topbike Tours - Italian Climbs - Passo Gavia

2023 Tour Price : $6850 (AUD) (per person)

Rides will average 60 - 120k, along with >1000m vertical, per day. There are many steep gradients and many long climbs. This is the Dolomites, and most roads point UP! This tour is not for the faint hearted, it’s a real challenge.

Accommodation & Dining

You will immerse yourself in Mountain culture with our lovely family run selection of hotels and agriturismos that have hosted Topbike for many years. The culinary delights will be local and as usual made and delivered with Italian pride. Despite all the hard riding you will go home with extra kgs as the offerings are irresistible.

Italian Climbs - Cycling in the Dolomites with David Olle, Topbike Tours
9 Days/8 Nights
June 18-26 2023+ *
  • Destination

  • Tour Start / Finish

  • Pick Up

    June 18: 11:00am Brescia Railway Station
  • Drop Off

    June 26: 11:00am Brescia Railway Station
  • Cycling Fitness/Experience

    Any + E-Bikes Available

Classic Italian Climbs

Feast of Ascension - "Eat-Drink-Ride-Suffer"

PassHeightAscent in metresGradient %Max %Distance
Croce Domini1938 m1327 m5.8 %23 km
Passo ManivaNoStats for theway weare going!
Polaveno594 m334 m7 %4.8 km
Stelvio2758 m1808 m7.4 %24.3 km
Gavia – P d Legno2621 m1363 m7.9 %16 %17.3 km
Mortirolo1852 m1222 m8.3 %14.8 km
Gavia – Bormio2621 m1404 m5.5 %25.6 km
Valporola 2178 m750 m6.2 %12 km
Pordoi – Arabba2242 m637 m6.8 %9.4 km
Gardena2121 m250 m4.2 %5.9 km
Sella2214 m399 m7.3 %5.5 km
Campolongo1875 m361 m6.2%5.9 km
Marmolada2057 m1059 m7.5 %14.1 km
Pordoi – Canazei2242 m786 m6 %13 km
Montegrappa 1745 m1530 m8.1 %19 km

If we do everything planned, we'll have climbed nearly 19,000 metres, over 16 different mountain passes, some of them 2 times. Also worth noting is the minimal car time, achieved by riding between some of our locations. Passes include:

  • Croce Domini and Maniva, Gavia (twice) Stelvio, Mortirolo, Campolongo, Pordoi (twice), Gardena, Sella, Marmolada and Montegrappa.