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Tour of Corsica 2018

BASTIA to BASTIA | June 1–11 2018

The Topbike 2018 Tour of Corsica will be 11 days (10 nights) fully supported, off the tourist route where possible, riding up to 130k a day (but not every day), starting and finishing in Bastia, on the island of Corsica.

2019 Topbike Tour of Corsica "Eat-Drink-Ride" - June 6-16 2019
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We will take a 60/40 coastal/inland route, including four x 2 night stops. Group size will be limited to 13, with 3 staff.  There are plenty of opportunities for extra riding, if the planned day’s ride may not be enough for you.

With a Bastia start and finish, we’ll be doing an anti-clockwise loop around the northern part of Corsica.  We’ll be stopping over at the towns of Brando, Centuri, Calvi, Porto, Corte and Sant Andrea di Bozio.  More coastal cycling than you can believe.

Tour Price: $6150 (AUD) (Per person)

[Places are limited to 13 clients in total (with 3 staff).]

Rides will average 60-80k along with >1000m vertical, per day

11 Days/10 Nights
June 1–11 2018 *
  • Destination

  • Tour Start / Finish

    Start and Finish in Bastia, Corsica
  • Pick Up

    Friday, June 1 - Pickup 11.00am: Bastia railway station or Hôtel Demeure Castel Brando
  • Drop Off

    Monday, June 11 - Drop off 11.00am: Bastia railway station (or other place if arranged prior)
  • Cycling Fitness/Experience

    Any + E-Bikes Available

Friday, June 1: Day 1 | Brando

After meeting up, in Bastia, or at our hotel in Castel Brando (10k north of Bastia), we’ll set up our bikes and get out for a ride in our environs. There’s a lovely piece of road that follows the coast north (and south) that will be ideal for an afternoon orientation ride.
Accommodation: Excellent Hotel just north of Bastia.


Restaurant overlooking the water in Brando.


Terrain: Coast Road - Afternoon Orientation


Saturday, June 2: Day 2 | Brando – Port of Centuri

Today we head out by bike, kicking off our Tour of Corsica.
We’ll take the road north out of Bastia, up the eastern side towards the top of Cape Corse. Keeping the sea on our right we’ll cover 25k of coastal road before we turn inland just beyond Marine de Meria, and cross the complete peninsula.
Striking the coast road on the western side, we’ll descend into our destination town of Centuri, the northern most town on the Cape. Here we’ll check into our hotel for two nights, and if the weather is conducive we’ll have a little Mediterranean dip before dinner. Don’t forget to pack your beach cossie.
Accommodation: Hotel over the port.



Ride: < 60km, < 1000m asc.

Terrain: Undulating


Sunday, June 3: Day 3 | Port of Centuri - Port of Centuri

We’ve got a glorious 80k loop to accomplish today and we’ll start by tracking south out of Centuri, and crossing the peninsula, taking in all the views we missed (behind us) yesterday, as we climbed. We’ll continue anti-clockwise and venture to the northernmost point of the Cape at Barcaggio – where we can have lunch, although there is not much more than a bar there, albeit with a lovely coastal outlook. The afternoon sees us free to return to Centuri, and get in an afternoon swim once more.


Local seafood Restaurant

Ride: < 80km, < 1000m asc.

Terrain: Undulating


Monday, June 4: Day 4 | Port of Centuri - Calvi

>130k south today. Should be quite straight forward, just not on straight roads. You ragged rascals will be hugging the rugged road, as it traverses ‘round the ragged rocks of the western coast of Cape Corse. Almost 100% of today’s ride is highlighted as ‘scenic’ by the Michelin map masters, and you better hold onto your handlebars, ‘cause if you get distracted, running off the road could be even more ragged.
We’ll enjoy a picnic en route today, coffee where we can, and if you prefer, we’ll sweep you in St Florent (or Novella, Belgodere or Muro) for a transport into Calvi. Here we’ll check into our hotel at the top end of town, and enjoy a bit of town life for the afternoon and evening.
Accommodation: 3 star Hotel


Dinner In-House

Ride: > 130km, > 1900m asc.

Terrain: meandering coastal undulations


Tuesday, June 5: Day 5 | Calvi – Calvi

Just an 80k loop today, in the surrounding hills of Calvi. The first climb takes us up to Cateri (400m asl), and gets us up on the ridgeline, before another little kicker of 200m takes us up to the ‘Cima Coppi’ of the day at Ville di Paraso, just over 500m asl. Leaving town we lose almost 500 metres as we wind our way back to the coast, and cruise our way back into Calvi.
Accommodation: 3 star Hotel


Dinner In-House

Ride: < 85km, > 1500m asc.

Terrain: Undulating with views.


Wednesday, June 6: Day 6 | Calvi - Porto

Our route today starts with a undulating coastal road. The road gets rough, once we get a few k’s in. If this is not your thing, jump in the car. We’ll work our way through to Galeria, for a picnic. Leaving Galeria in the afternoon we’ll enjoy more rugged ‘highlighted scenic’ roads on our way to Porto, where we’ll check into our hotel that overlooks the sea.
Highlights: The road into Porto has some of the best coastal views in the Mediterranean, possibly the world. I kid you not.
Accommodation: Portside hotel


Local restaurant top end of town (walking distance)

Ride: < 100km, < 1500m asc.

Terrain: undulations with views


Thursday, June 7: Day 7 | Porto – Porto

In a coastal town it is a good opportunity to once again stay put, allowing more time to soak up Porto, with a large scenic loop -95k- for the riders, taking in one of the Cat 3 KOMs of the 2013 Tour de France. ‘Twas stage 3, and while the Col de San Martino is not huge, at just 429m, it was the highest point of the stage, also being the one that Simon Gerrans won. While we touch the coast a couple of times, most of today’s route will be inland, and hilly. There is a significant 12% steady climb after lunch. Get your climbing gears on!


Tonight seaside dining.

Ride: 95 km around a hilly loop, quite hard climbing. > 2000m asc.

Terrain: hilly but scenic


Friday, June 8: Day 8 | Porto-Corte

After breakfast we’ll turn our wheels inland, waving farewell to the western seaboard. We’re headed for a town frequented by walkers, as they traverse a well worn path across Corsica, from coast to coast. Much the same as us really, only a little slower. We’ll make time for a picnic en route to our destination town of Corte. Our town, is pretty much in the centre of Corsica, and here we are surrounded by 15 peaks, twelve of which are over 2,000m in height. None of these peaks, however, are located in the town of Corte. The CBD is at a more comfortable 500m. We’re staying at a riverside hotel that used to be the ice works, with a good restaurant up the road.
Accommodation: Best hotel in town.


Dinner at Local restaurant.

Ride: < 60km, > 2000m asc.

Terrain: hills and undulations


Saturday, June 9: Day 9 | Sant'Andrea di Bozio

More inland roads on our route today, heading east. Part way, we cross the main north-south National route (used as stage one in the 2013 TdF). Our ride commences with a descent beside a river, once again it will be scenic for the full journey. After we depart the national route, the climbing begins in earnest, promising more corners, hills and undulations, as we head deep into a well forested corner of Corsica that does not receive a lot of visitors. Extra kilometres (and vertical meters) available before heading east, by taking a run up the end of the valley where our hotel is located.
Accommodation: Auberge in Sant’Andrea di Bozio


Dinner Inhouse (one of Topbikes all time favorites)

Ride: < 50km, < 1000m asc.

Terrain: corners, hills and undulations


Sunday, June 10: Day 10 | Sant'Andrea di Bozio- Sant'Andrea di Bozio

For our final day of riding, we’ve got a 110k undulating loop, around the interior ‘woods’ of Corsica.
Back in the day, all Corsicans were instructed to plant 4 chestnut trees each, when the island was under Genovese rule. This lead to a prosperous age for Corsica, as they benefitted not only from the nuts, but the timber as well. Once under French rule all chestnut tree planting was banned, which of course meant the locals all tried to plant 8 trees each, to rebel against the French rule. It all came to a halt with the industrial age, but on todays ride you will pass many a chestnut tree, as this truly was the chestnut centre of the world.
No coastal roads, but plenty of views from between the trees. All day to do it in, as well. Coffee, picnic lunch etc. A glorious day to finish with!



Ride: 110km, ~ 2000m asc.

Terrain: corners, hills and undulations .


Monday, June 11: Day 11 | Sant'Andrea di Bozio - Bastia

Au Revoir!

After breakfast, it's time to pack up and head for Bastia. Our official drop off point is Bastia railway station. Please let us know if you need to be dropped off elsewhere.
NB: The itinerary above is to be used as a guide only, as Topbike Tours are well known for making use of all (and creating some extra) opportunities, expect that variations from the above can happen at any time. Please note all distances are approximate and subject to change.

Tour Location

Bastia to Bastia

2018 Topbike Tour of Corsica | June 1–11


Bastia to Bastia

With a Bastia start and finish, we’ll be doing an anti-clockwise loop around the northern part of Corsica. We’ll be stopping over at the towns of Brando, Centuri, Calvi, Porto, Corte and Sant Andrea di Bozio. More coastal cycling than you can believe.