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An Australian company, Topbike has a fully equipped European base and its own fleet of high quality hire bikes and E-bikes.

We specialise in quality cycling tours with small groups and are famous for looking after our clients.

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Base Tour: Lago Iseo

Marone (via Brescia), Lago Iseo
*This was our 2019 Itinerary

The Topbike ‘Base’ tours are 7 days (6 nights) fully supported, off the tourist route around ‘our’ base town, on Lago Iseo (Lake Iseo), approximately 100k from Milan.  We’ll ride up to 140k a day (but not every day), starting and finishing in the town of Marone. 

Topbike’s Base Tour uses an excellent accommodation house, and we’ll visit local and traditional restaurants all around the area.  Deep, local knowledge is put to good use here. (The lakeside town of Marone, situated in the Italian Province of Brescia, Lombardy is Topbike’s European HQ).

Topbike Base Tours - Lago Iseo 'Eat-Drink-Ride' - Cycling Holidays in Italy

2020 Tour Dates

Base Tours Lago Iseo
- 'Eat-Drink-Ride'
Base Tour I | June 24-30 2020
Base Tour II | July 1-7 2020

Nearby Climbs

We’ll do the climbs of Passo Maniva, Croce Domini, Polaveno, Croce di Marone, Zone, Zeno, Santa Maria Giogo, Via Mala et al.  There’s even an option to climb the Mortirolo, if you’re really keen.

Plenty of great coffee and gelato to be enjoyed en route too.

NB: there are many other climbs available, on demand. Just ask!

If we do everything planned, we’ll have climbed over 10,000 metres, over 10 different mountain passes.

Also worth noting is that there is virtually no car time, as we use the vehicle for back up, and carrying our spare clothing etc. only.

2020 Tour Price: $3550 (AUD) (Per person)

[Places are limited to 13 clients in total (with 3 staff).]

Rides will average 60-100k along with >1000m vertical, per day.

7 Days/6 Nights
June 24-30 2020+ *
  • Destination

  • Tour Start / Finish

    Brescia - Brescia
  • Pick Up

    June 24 2020: TBC
  • Drop Off

    June 30 2020 TBC
  • Cycling Fitness/Experience

    Any + E-Bikes Available

Tuesday July 16 2019 | Day 1


We'll meet at Brescia Railway Station before transferring in the Topbike air conditioned mini-bus to Lago Iseo (35k, 1h).
After assembling bikes, we’ll take in a small ride in our local environs, a lap of the lake, anti-clockwise. At 65k it’s a perfect warm up, without a lot of vertical metres.


For the duration of the tour we will stay in a B & B in the centre of town, dining at different local ristorantes.

Ride: 65km loop, flattish by the lake, < 300m vertical

Terrain: No climbs of significance!


Wednesday July 17 2019: | Day 2

A tour through the grape vines and the wineries south of Lake Iseo is the call for today, just 80k with not quite 1,000m of ascent. All the while remembering, on the way home we’ll have a couple of 18% bites to endure, before hitting the banks of our lake and completing the final 10k home at lake level. Coffee at a railway station en route, and maybe even a picnic somewhere too.


Local ristorante

Ride: 80km loop, flattish by the lake, >1000m vertical

Flattish for 50k, then 2 bastard climbs.


Thursday July 18 2019 | Day 3

Today we’ll be heading north of the lake, starting with the bike track up the shores of Lake Iseo. At the top of the lake we’ll continue up to Breno, turn right, and start going up. Over Croce Domini, and Passo Maniva, climbs used in the 2006 Giro, which includes 6k of ‘bianca strada’ (unmade road). Descending off Maniva is pretty special, as there is a gentle descent of 3-4% average, on sweeping bends for 40k. We’ll return to our valley over the short climb of Polaveno (approx 300m of ascent)


Local ristorante

Ride: 135km loop, < 3500m vertical asc.

Terrain: Two climbs of significance, including one big one first.


Friday July 19 2019 | Day 4

We’ll be heading north of the lake, again, but this time by train.  We’ll ride up the valley to Edolo, where we will saddle up and head for Aprica, a gentle climbs for about 15k.  In Edolo we’ll ride past Bar Boomerang (yes, the Italian owner has never been to Australia) we’ll continue down a descent all the way into the Valtellina valley.  Passing through Tirano we’ll turn right before Mazzo di Valtellina, where we’ll start the murderous climb of Mortirolo (14.8 km, 8.3 %), where many riders have been known to lose their sense of humour.
Coming off Mortirolo, we turn right at Monno to roll down to Edolo and return to Marone.  Either by train, car or on the bike for another 62k, if you wish?


Local ristorante

Ride: > 70km, > 2500m vertical

Terrain: Two climbs, the final one being Mortirolo, which peaks at 18%.


Saturday July 20 2019: | Day 5

Recovery, with a kicker. Not such a big ride today, re-covering a ride we did on the first day, only this time we’re travelling around the lake in the opposite direction, clockwise. The start of the only climb is almost exactly halfway around the lake, so there is good 30k of flat to warm up. The climb is only 10k, rising just over 600m, so nothing murderous (it’s steeper going the other way). Maybe we’ll stop atop the climb in Parzanica, for a coffee, before descending and returning to Marone.


Local Restaurant.

Ride: > 82km, > 1500m vertical.

Terrain: One scenic climb, that peaks at 800m.


Sunday July 21 2019: | Day 6

Zeno loop today, which will take us over Colle Zeno into the Val Trompia valley. We’ll return from there, once again, over Polaveno, finishing with a flat 10k up the lake. This is a compact, but demanding loop. Our most favorite.


Ride: > 85km, > 2200m vertical.

Terrain: Two scenic climbs, the first one being one that keeps on giving. The 2nd one would not be so bad, if not for the first.


Monday July 22 2019: | Day 7 - Pack-up Day

Pack up day, after breakfast. Drop off point will be Brescia Rail Station, by 11am.
NB: there are many other climbs available, on demand. Just ask!
Highlights:If we do everything planned, we'll have climbed over 10,000 metres, over 10 different mountain passes.
Also worth noting is that there is virtually no car time, as we use the vehicle for back up, and carrying our spare clothing etc. only. So after enjoying breakfast together, for all of those not staying on, it's pack-up time, and off to further destinations, arrivederci!

2020 Topbike Base Tour Lago Iseo


Marone, Italy as our base with rides around the Lake and out north into the Italian Dolomites