2015 Tour De France - Tour 2 PARIS

Tour De France - Tour 2 PARIS

TOUR DE FRANCE - July 17-27, 2015

Grenoble – Paris, The Alps-Pyrenees to Paris experience.
Topbike’s ‘Tour de France 2 PARIS’ includes 7 Days of race viewing, incorporating, 1 stage start, 3 stage finish’s, 3 KOMs and culimnating with a Champs-Élysées twilight race finish.
We’ll also be aiming to ride over 500k, climb many mountains including the famous Alpe d’Huez, Col d’Ornon, Col de la Morte, Col du Glandon, Croix de Fer, Telegraphe and Galibier.

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Tour 2 - PARIS 2015 Itinerary

Tour de France 2: PARIS 17/07/2015 – 28/07/2015

TOUR DE FRANCE PARIS - July 15–25 2016*

Tour de France - Cycling Holiday - Ride to Paris with Topbike Tours

P/up: Grenoble Railway Station, 11.00am, July 17
Drop off: Paris Hotel Etoile, 10.00am, July 27

Friday, July 17
Stage 13:
Muret → Rodez 200 km

11.00am, meet at Grenoble railway station, transfer to our accommodation in Lanarce (drive approx 3h).

After everyone arrives and we have assembled bikes, we can roll out for a ride on roads that will host Le Tour de France in the upcoming days. Making sure we’re in a local bar to enjoy the end of today’s sprinter’s stage on the tele.  That’s the sprinters that have survived the short steep climbs leading to the finale. We’ll dine inhouse tonight, with a meal prepared by our hosts, and if this is your thing, they produce their own Foie Gras (amongst many other things) on site. The chef is most famous for her ‘poêlée de cèpes’, which we all know and love (and as soon as I can work out the translation, I’ll let you know what it is).

Ride: <80k with climbs

Saturday, July 18
Stage 14: Rodez → Mende 178 km

Cracker of a stage today, or at least the final three kilometers into Mende are, averaging more than ten percent. After Mur de Huy and the Mûr de Bretagne in the first week, the rouleurs get another chance today. These stages are amongst the most difficult to pick, as all the best team’s planning goes out the window when the roads bends above 10%, particularly when the peloton has already covered 175k. As for us, we’ll be riding 65k south-west to Mende, to take up a strategic position near the finish, and enjoy all the Tour de France has to offer. Post race we’ll return to our hotel in the Topbike van. Tonight we’ll again dine inhouse.

Ride: <100k, med/hard

Topbike Tours - Smells like team spirit.

Sunday, July 19
Stage 15, Mende → Valence 182 km

While today’s stage is passing close to our hotel, we’ll be moving on. We’ll be out on the road early, and making our own ‘home-made’ Granfondo, riding the final parts of today’s stage. It’s 110k to the finish town, and we’ll be doing our best to see if we can race the road closures, and make Valence before getting time cut. As for the peloton, it’s likely to be a classic sprinter’s stage, as Black Cavendish clinched one of his 25 Tour stage wins in the neighboring city of Bourg-lès-Valence in 2010. Our new hotel is just to south of Valence, and post stage we’ll transport there, or you can ride the 30k if you like? Dinner inhouse in our new hotel at Cliousclat, which overlooks the rolling orchards of the Rhone valley, as well as the neighboring town of Mirmande.

Ride: <140k, medium

Cycling holiday following the Tour de France

Monday, July 20
Stage 16: Bourg-de-Péage → Gap 201 km

We’re located not far from the 30k point on today’s stage. After yesterday’s big effort it’s a good opportunity to ride to the start and get amongst the action, as Le Tour prepares for a 201 kilometre stage. We should be able to get there early enough to see the team buses and athletes arrive, watch the sign on, and generally see what it takes to get the whole show on the road. Post start we can make our way back to Cliousclat, which ever way we like, and make sure we get to view the end of today’s stage live on the tele.

Ride: <60k, easy

Topbike Tours - Dinner French style.

Tuesday, July 21
Rest Day: Gap

Today’s rest day gives us time to relocate deep into the alps. It’s 180k to Bourg d’Oisans, which is located at the base of Alpe d’Huez, and you can ride as much, or as little, of it as you like, as we do have all day. The roads we’ll traverse today have featured in many Tours de France, as Le Tour has visited Alpe d’Huez twenty-nine times over the last sixty-three years. Our final climb will be Col d’Ornon, and we should be able to enjoy a picnic lunch along the road. For the next five nights we’ll be based in a renovated farmhouse, on the valley floor of the Oisans, about 2k from the centre of town.

Ride: <180k, hard

Topbike Tours - Be a part of the circus.

Wednesday July 22
Stage 17: Digne-les-Bains → Pra-Loup 161km

Le Tour is off to the south of us today, so we’ll be taking a day off from ‘chasing the race’, and doing our own little ride. By now there will probably be some tired legs in our peloton, but today is when we choose if we will tackle the ‘Marmotton’. That’s the infamous Marmotte course, without climbing Alpe d’Huez at the end. The course starts with Col du Glandon, leading to Col de Telegraphe and Galibier, before descending nearly 50k back to Bourg. It’ll be just over 160k, and have just under 4,000 metres of ascent in it. Another option is to do my favorite ride in the area, La Berarde, just 70k with 1,200m ascent. Or the classic Ornon loop, 103k with 2,000m ascent (NB we climbed Ornon yesterday and the Tour riders will climb Col de la Morte, in this loop, tomorrow, on their way to St Jean du Maurienne). Or just Glandon on it’s own ? Or Galibier, solo? The agony of choice. Not forgetting today’s tour stage is the first of four alpine finishes, so we’ll aim to be in front of a tele for the final hour, at least, to catch it all.

Ride: The choice is yours...

Thursday, July 23
Stage 18: Gap → Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne 185k

Just six kilometers down the road, today’s stage will pass, as the riders head for one of the biggest climbs in this year’s tour, Col de Glandon. However we’ll aim to get out on the road and have a look at them before they get so close. Col de la Morte (the ‘hill of the dead’) is the second highest peak the peloton traverses today, and will offer excellent viewing as the riders crest it, before heading down to the valley of the Oisans.

Ride: <110k, 2000m+ asc

As the French say - Incredible

Friday, July 24
Stage 19: Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne → La Toussuire 138k

Today’s stage start is to the north of us, but as they head south and over the top of Croix de Fer we’ll be there to greet them. The top of Croix de Fer is about 40k from our base, not quite all uphill, but close. Christian Prudhomme, the TdF race director states that ‘No title contender will feel relaxed on this stage’. I concur, and can add that no cycling fan will either. It’ll be a big day out for them, and for us.

Ride: <80k, hard

Saturday, July 25
Stage 20: Modane → Alpe-d’Huez 110 km

Alpe d’Huez for us today, there’s nothing quite like it. In the morning we’ll take up positions on the climb and wait for the whole show to pass us by. Dutch corner? The final corner just 200 metres from the ‘arrivee’ up top? The very first ramp of the Alpe, where it hits it’s steepest? (this is where you will see them suffer the most) Oh, the agony of choice! A lovely way to spend our last day in rural France.

Ride: kilometers untold today

Tour de France - Ride into Paris with Topbike Tours

Sunday, July 26
Stage 21: Sèvres - Grand Paris Seine Ouest → Champs-Elysées (Paris), 107 km

We’re Driving up to Paris today (630k, 7h) so an early start is necessary. After arriving at our hotel, located less than 500m from the Champs-Elysées, we can promenade up the road to view the ultimate spectacle, the end of the three week race that laps a nation (and the only sporting event that you need to get a haircut during the course of). It culminates with its final laps on one of the world’s most famous boulevards, as the sprinters have their ultimate battle, and hopefully it will be another win for the Aussies. Dinner locally tonight, in our regular Parisian restaurant.

Topbike Tours - Finish your French cycling holiday in style in Paris under the Eiffel Tower.

Monday, July 27 | Paris - "Au revoir"

We’ll have an early start, hitting the road for a brisk morning’s ride around Paris. The best way to see this beautiful city, all before breakfast.

Ride: A brisk morning’s ride around Paris.

We’ll take in the Arc de Triomphe, Place de Concorde, the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Montmarte, Sacre Couer & a coffee at the bar where the movie ‘Amelie’ was filmed.

Back to our hotel for breakfast, before packing up and onto further adventures.

If we do everything planned, there'll have been:

7 Days of race viewing, incorporating, 1 stage start, 3 stage finishes and 3 KOMs. We’ll also have ridden over 500k, climbed many mountains including the famous Alpe d’Huez, Col d’Ornon, Col de la Morte, Col du Glandon, Croix de Fer, Telegraphe and Galibier. I think that’s enough for anyone! After enjoying breakfast together, for all of those not staying on, it’s pack-up time and off to further destinations, au revoir.

This tour includes:

Please note:

  • Please pack your bike in a collapsible bag or disposable cardboard box.
    [See our FAQ's and recommendations section on packing your bike]
  • Please also see our recommended list of things to bring, it is most important to bring front and rear flashing lights.
  • NB: The itinerary above is to be used as a guide only, as Topbike Tours are well known for making use of all (and creating some extra) opportunities, expect that variations from the above can happen at any time.

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TOUR DE FRANCE PARIS - July 15–25 2016*

Topbike Tours - 2014 TDF Paris Itinerary

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