Norm Douglas


Topbike Tour Guide - Norm DouglasWhen the birth of BMX in Australia happened, Norm was there… when SBS started covering that little race in France, Norm was glued to his own private black and white telly in his bedroom… when Mountain biking boomed in the early Nineties… Norm was there once again, aboard his trust Apollo Himalaya.

A life long cyclist, who’s just old enough to have seen lots, yet young enough to still be considered a hipster, Norm has a bunch of experience to bring to our tours. Being around bikes for the best part of 35 years has also blessed Norm with a very solid mechanical knowledge and combine this with his complete Nerd qualifications, he just might be able to fix practically anything.

Norm is a complete non drinker, which means he just might come in handy to “help” you home after a long lunch.

When Norm isn’t being Norm, he’s also often known as “Jess Douglas’ husband”.

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