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Topbike BikeFit
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Emma Colson (APA and Sports Physiotherapist)

Emma Colson - Topbike PhysioEmma Colson has a special interest in the treatment of cyclists and cycling injuries. Emma worked with the Australian Womens' Road Cycling team from 1997 - 2000 and was the official physiotherapist appointed to cycling at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Emma has written many articles on injury prevention for Australia's number one cycling magazine - Bicycling Australia.

Emma understands cycling injuries not just as a physiotherapist but also from being a competitor at national and international level representing Australia at World Championships and Commonwealth Games.

Emma now divides her time between tour guiding for Topbike Tours in Europe and when in Australia has a special interest physiotherapy practice that involves comprehenisve assessments of cyclists and their biomechanical interaction with the bicycle for the prevention and treatment of overuse injuries and optimisation of rider comfort (Topbike Fit)

Rosie McCaughey (APA Physiotherapist)

Rosie has over 6 years private/sports practice experience and is a member of Sports Physiotherapy Australia. Rosie is involved in the organisation of professional development for physiotherapists in Victoria. Rosie is also an amateur triathlete, having competed at local, national and international level. She is passionate about cycling and running, and lower limb biomechanics relating to those activities. Rosie has prior bike fit experience with the Melbourne Tri Club and Tri Alliance as well as bike-fitting recreational and semi-professional cyclists


Cyclists are different to other athletes. Their injuries are often a result of the complex biomechanical interaction between the cyclist and the rider.

Emma Colson and Rosie Mc Caughey have first hand knowledge and personal experience in cycling from a recreational level to the elite.

Emma and Rosie receive many tertiary referrals from doctors, physiotherapists, masseurs and chiropractors who are having difficulty with their cycling patients' injuries. They are happy to assess the patient and then liaise with the local practitioner who may continue the ongoing management of the patient.

A TOPBIKE FIT involves a 2.5 - 3 hour appointment.

The first hour consists of a physical assessment relating to rider strength, range of motion and injury issues. Emma or Rosie will look at your current problems on the bike and provide her opinion as to directions for future management. Following this, the patient and bicycle are measured (bike set-up) and then a video is done to assess the patient's pedal technique, posture and positioning on the bike.

A video capture program is used to view each angle of the cyclist so that the footage can be slowed or stopped at particular frames to emphasize issues or take measurements that relate to bicycle set-up.

Any necessary changes to set-up will be done (or recommended if the changes cannot be done on the spot).

By assessing the cyclist and the bicycle in motion you can pin-point the source of the problem with cycling overuse injuries.

Every TOPBIKE FIT client gets a DVD of their assessment, which can be a handy reference for other treating practitioners, to emphasize the physical findings of assessment.

Contact Information & Booking an Appointment


Topbike Bike-Fitting has returned to Topbike HQ at Little George Street.
All bike-fitting appointments with Bike Specialist Physios Emma Colson and Rosie McCaughey are now being conducted at:

67 Little George Street
Fitzroy VIC 3066

Contact: Rosie McCaughey

Phone: 0408 961 245
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact: Emma Colson:

Phone: 0438 467 792
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As Emma and Rosie are often seeing clients, email contact is preferred.

Online Booking - Appointment Reservation

Alternately use our ONLINE BOOKING APPOINTMENT RESERVATION SYSTEM and choose your own timeslot online.

NOT IN MELBOURNE? - Email us, if you have a number of club members interested in getting a 'TOPBIKE FIT' done, maybe we can organise to visit you. OR we may know someone suitable close by to refer you to.

(Last Updated: Nov 2016)

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