Topbike Tours La Vuelta Espana 2011 Re-Union

Topbike 2011 La Vuelta Espana re-union

On the weekend of March 24/25 the 2011 La Vuelta Espana group had a re-union party (actually we should call it a weekend festival) at the coastal town of Wye River in Victoria.

The weekend’s culinary delights were highlighted by Paella cooked in a large Paellereon (note this is also the name of the big ring in Spain) on the balcony of Casa Tatchell.  The chef was Sacha from Ba-Ba-Lua’s Lorne.

The ride itinerary were conducted by Tatchell Tours, but mostly involved the Great Ocean Road plus/minus deviations upwards. The non-riders undertook a ‘soft walk’ and some at the festa even braved the surf…

A big thank-you to Jeremy and Carolyn Tatchell for hosting the weekend, The Coombez for organising the Sunday BBQ catering, Marg Drew for general kitchen duties and Annabelle Drew for Swiss like precision and co-ordination before-hand.


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