Il Giro e Finito

Il Giro e Finito

The Giro Tour for 2012 finished on Sunday and Topbike says goodbye to an exceptionally talented group of clients. Not only did they manage around 14000 vertical Metres of climbing in our 10 day tour but we also had nightly opera singing from Tim Keegan with the Milano Grand Finale accompaniment of the Sydney Bath Robe Choir.

The tour started a little cold and wet but the sun shone on us at the pointy end of the tour, the highlight for most was riding Stelvio in the Sun on race day.

I discovered this year that there is an even harder approach to Mortirolo, appropriately entering the climb at Via Cimitero (Cemetry) must mean that someone who organises the Giro has a sense of humour!

Now, after a few days back at base,  Dave and Kahn head to Naples to get the Ferry to Palermo to commence  Topbike Tour of Sicily. Topbike Clients - Mortirolo - Giro 2012

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