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Glad it wasn't my head

Glad it wasn't my head...

Why is it that some people refuse to wear bike helmets? I’m not talking about the occasional user of the bike share scheme (note these people are not ‘cyclists’ except in the media if they have just committed a crime, eg murder, exposure etc etc).

Also note to these ‘pseudo cyclists’ that you can lose your car licence for .05 on a bike – it happened to a guy I went to uni with….
No I’m talking about the ‘gears and for queers brakes are for flakes’ cyclists - sorry to generalise but I live in Fitzroy so I oughta know, they are most represented in the helmets worn on bars club.

Maybe they think that they can avoid any incident in-front of them.  I have had two dire crashes that I believe a helmet saved my life or at the very least saved me from permanent re-occurring headaches.  They didn’t happen doing 2 meter drop offs at world cups in Europe, flying through the air at bay crits, racing a world cup road race in Geelong nor travelling at 45 – 50 kph on a bunch ride with a mixed group of abilities on beach road.

No my two dire accidents happened when I was travelling at little over walking pace. The first culprit was a motor cyclist in Italy, who fancied himself as Max Biaggio or Valentino Rossi (minus the talent).  The second - a wombat.  And before the RSPCA gets onto me let me tell you the wombat felt little more than a tickle on his back, I on the other hand, had broken MTB forks and a completely mashed up helmet. Both accidents when I least expected it and absolutely beyond my control (wrong place at wrong time). It’s just a pity Wombats don’t carry 3rd party property insurance…

When I see a helmet free cyclist I am partly satisfied that Darwin came up with a concept so long ago that still holds true today and that Physios somewhere will continue to be employed…

So my advice, put it on your head, and do it when mounting the bike as pure habit, don’t attempt to enhelmet* yourself just prior to crashing! Oh and a crappy old helmet is probably as good as none at all.

Note also, Helmets are an excellent head butting tool!
* made up word, let see when it first appears in the oxford dictionary.

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