David and Betty Olle at Wildside

Betty Olle (5.5 months) and daddy David Olle at Wildside MTB

Is this her first bike race? Someone asked. I thought about it for a minute….Herald-Sun Tour, St Kilda Crits, Hawthorn Crits, Road Nationals, Geelong Bay Crits, Bendigo MTB race,  Beaconsfield MTB race, Tour Down Under….Poor little Betty, talk about living the lives of your parents.  Based on the behaviour of most teenagers she will probably hate the sport by her teen years.

Maybe that’s OK because for the first time I have given a long considered thought to the safety of cyclists on the road and both Dave and I have come to the conclusion that BETTY WILL NEVER RIDE A ROAD BIKE!

It doesn’t take much to die on the roads when you are on a bike, unencumbered by a metal surround.  Just ask the family of James Cross (22) who was killed when a driver opened her door into him propelling him under the wheel of a truck or the family of Amy Gillet… or any number of cyclists who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and BOOM it’s all over….. Why do we let this senseless killing go on? Why isn’t there international condemnation of this weapon of death and destruction?

For now Dave and I are at the cross roads, our business is road cycling and our lives are based around it.  However unlike the Packers, the Murdochs, Betty will not be encouraged to be the successor….I hope she likes knitting!

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