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Race Float 07 Aug 2013

Editor's Pick - Best of TDF 2 PARIS 2013 with TOPBIKE TOURS

What a fantastic trip!

Another Tour of France 2 - Paris along side of the Tour de France. Six days of race viewing, many fantastic meals in incredible locations and the opportunity to ride down the Champs Elysees and through the Arc de Triomphe!

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Alpen Tour Trophy - 250m to go 10 Jun 2013

The Alpentour Trophy - MTB racing in Schladming, Austria

100m to go...

The weekend following the Giro saw us at a MTB race in Schladming, Austria.

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Topbike Tours TdF Reconnaissance for 2013 10 May 2013

TdF Reconnaissance for 2013

Views from Topbike Tour de France Reconnaissance in preparation for "Preview the Climbs of the TdF" Toulouse to Geneva, starting June 19.

Top Left: Tdf Climbs accommodation during June 2013

Top Right: Tour de France accommodation outside Luon - chess pieces on the lawn

Bottom Left: Tulips in the Haute Savoie

Bottom Right: Looking out my window, TDF Climbs reconnaissance, just outside gap.

David Olle, Topbike Tours Director.
Twitter: @davidOlle

Tiny Bike - The Original as filmed for Sooty Park by TopbikeTV for CH31 26 Aug 2012

Video of Tiny Bike -The Original from Sooty Park and TopbikeTV, CH31

WATCH - Tiny Bike - The Original as filmed for Sooty Park by TopbikeTV for CH31

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Plane trees close to the road in France 02 Jul 2012

Le Tour has Commenced

Trees close to road!

Le Tour has commenced as one may expect to see images of cyclists buried amongst the plain trees. (No mention of ‘trees close to road’. Clearly there has been no influence from the Victorian Road Authority (VIC ROADS) here!)

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Topbike Clients - Mortirolo - Giro 2012 29 May 2012

Il Giro e Finito

Il Giro e Finito

The Giro Tour for 2012 finished on Sunday and Topbike says goodbye to an exceptionally talented group of clients. Not only did they manage around 14000 vertical Metres of climbing in our 10 day tour but we also had nightly opera singing from Tim Keegan with the Milano Grand Finale accompaniment of the Sydney Bath Robe Choir.

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Travelling Light 29 Apr 2012

Travel Light - The Buddhist Philosophy

Travel Light – The Buddhist Philosophy: As you can see we here at Topbike follow our own philosophy and travel light!

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Topbike weighs in preparing to fly with bikes 26 Apr 2012


It’s that time of the year again when Topbike does what is affectionately known as ‘The Big Pack’.

In brief this involves boxing up bicycles and then stuffing everything in that absolutely can’t be replicated in Europe.

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Glad it wasn't my head 05 Apr 2012

Helmets Helmets Helmets

Glad it wasn't my head...

Why is it that some people refuse to wear bike helmets? I’m not talking about the occasional user of the bike share scheme (note these people are not ‘cyclists’ except in the media if they have just committed a crime, eg murder, exposure etc etc).

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26 Mar 2012

Topbike Tours La Vuelta Espana 2011 Re-Union

Topbike 2011 La Vuelta Espana re-union

On the weekend of March 24/25 the 2011 La Vuelta Espana group had a re-union party (actually we should call it a weekend festival) at the coastal town of Wye River in Victoria.

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An Australian company, Topbike has a fully equipped European base and its own fleet of high quality hire bikes. We specialise in quality cycling tours with small groups and are famous for looking after our clients.

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