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Tour of Sardinia 2017

Tour of Sardinia: June 16-26 2017*


Tower Torre Aragonese in Santa Teresa di Gallura, Sardinia, Italy

The Topbike 2017 Tour of Sardinia will be 11 days (10 nights) fully supported, off the tourist route where possible, riding up to 115k a day (but not every day), starting and finishing in Olbia (ON the island of Sardinia). We will take a 60/40 coastal/inland route, including three by 2 night stops. Group size will be limited to 13, with 3 staff. There are plenty of opportunities for extra riding, if the planned day’s ride may not be enough for you.

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ITINERARY: Tour of Sardinia - June 16-26 2017

Pick up: 11.00am June 16, Hotel Panorama, Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 7 07026 Olbia
Drop off: 11.00am June 26, Hotel Panorama, Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 7 07026 Olbia

Friday June 16 2017 | Olbia → Santa Teresa Gallura

After meeting up, in Olbia, we’ll travel (1.5h drive) up to the northern most cape of Sardinia, and our accommodation close to Santa Teresa Gallura. Here we’ll set up our bikes, and get out for a ride in our environs. We’re surrounded by fantastic roads that will be ideal for an afternoon orientation ride.

Accommodation: Excellent Hotel close to Santa Teresa Gallura
Dinner: In-house

Ride: <50k easy

Saturday, June 17 2017 | Valle dell’Erica → Castelsardo

Today we head out by bike, kicking off our Tour of Sardinia. We’ll take the road west out of Valle d’Erica, across the cape. Keeping the sea on our right we’ll ride south west along coastal roads for 80k all the way to Castelsardo. Here we’ll check into our hotel for one night, and if the weather is conducive we’ll have a little Mediterranean dip before dinner. Don’t forget to pack your beach cossie.

Castelsardo dates back to Nuragic times (1800 BC) and is the home of Elephant Rock. The main castle that dominates the town was built in the 12th century.

Accommodation: Hotel over the port.
Dinner tonight: In-house

Ride: <80 ks, undulating <1000m asc.

Rustic laneway dining, Castelsardo Old Town, Sardinia

Sunday June 18 2017 | Castelsardo → La Pedraia

More fantastic coastal roads as we exit Castelsardo. After 5k you have a choice of staying on the coastal route, or adding a bonus 40k that takes you on an inland loop, up and around the coastal range. Great views guaranteed, with a downhill run to the coast (of course). We’ll ride into our remotely located agriturismo in the afternoon. Pool and coastal views here too.

Accommodation: Remote Agriturismo.
Dinner tonight: In-house: local typical cuisine

Ride: <105 ks, undulating >1500m asc

The coastline and beaches of Castelsardo, Sardinia

Monday June 19 2017 | La Pedraia - La Pedraia

Cape to Cape today. Cape Falcone and Cape Argentiera. Our first cape is 25k to our north and is the most north west point of Sardinia. This, from Tourisme Sardinia: ‘Capo Falcone is a wild, unspoilt paradise. The rugged headland, named for the peregrine falcon that nests among its crevices, rises majestically above a sparkling sea’ All going well we can also rise majestically to the top of the Cape and maybe enjoy a coffee at Stintino, on the eastern side of the Cape, as we begin our slide back down. Post caffeine, we’ll head south looping past our accommodation to Capo Argentiera. We’ll ride past the abandoned mine (lead, silver & zinc), closed 1962, to a lunch spot atop the cape. Later in the afternoon we’ll return to La Pedraia, and get in an afternoon swim once more.

Accommodation: Remote Agriturismo
Dinner: In-house: local typical cuisine

Ride: <80ks, undulating <1000m asc

Stintino, Old Harbour Sardinia

Tuesday June 20 2017 | La Pedraia → Santa Caterina Di Pitturi

It’s 110k to our next location, almost due south of our current digs. It’ll be our last day on the western coast, so we’ll make the most of it. We’ll aim for (at least one) coffee stop and a coastal picnic en route into our four star resort. The final 20k on a main road carries a reasonable amount of traffic, depending on the time of day, so transporting in may be a comfortable option.

Accommodation: Coastal 4**** Resort
Dinner: In-house

Ride: <110k, with undulations & views >1500m asc

Wednesday June 21 2017 | Santa Caterina Di Pitturi → Aritzo

After breakfast we’ll turn our wheels inland, waving farewell to the western seaboard. We’re headed for a town that almost marks the centre of Sardinia. We’ll make time for a picnic sometime, on our route of ‘net gain’, as we climb up to Aritzo. Our ride is flattish until we cross over a dam at the 55k point, from here we kick up into the hills. Our location, for two nights, is deep in the greenery of Sardinia, surrounded by many forested hills and paths. We’re staying at the best hotel in town, w/pool, wellness centre etc.

Accommodation: Rural 4**** hotel
Dinner: In-house

Ride: 115 k flattish at first and finishing with quite hard climbs >2000m asc

Thursday June 22 2017 | Aritzo – Aritzo

After breakfast we can decide if we would like to ‘action’ a rest day, by the pool, with lunch in town followed by a siesta, or a scenic and undulating 70k loop in the surrounding hills.
Hang the rest day, the riding here is fantastic, as is the coffee on the road. So shortly after breakfast we’ll be on our way!

Accommodation: Rural 4**** hotel

Ride: <60k, hills and undulations <2,000m asc

Friday June 23 2017 | Aritzo → Orosei

A beautiful exit from Aritzo today…we will head towards the east coast as we trundle out of the mountains down onto the plains, again. Net loss today, which of course includes some climbs, but NET LOSS overall. Our next town is near the coast, steeped in history, and surrounded by the best coastline in Italy.

Accommodation: 4**** hotel in centre of town
local ristorante, walking distance

Ride: <115k, hills and undulations <1,500m asc

Saturday June 24 2017 | Orosei – Orosei

It’s a serious question today. Ride a scenic 80k loop, or take a boat tour along one of the most scenic and inaccessible pieces of coastline in the world. Get ready for pristine, unspoilt white sand and beaches only accessible by swimming ashore. Staring into the cool water you’ll see every detail of the boulders and sand below. Thinking the water must be shallow, you dive down and swim deeper than you believed possible. Think ‘The Blue Grotto’ to the power of ten ☺.

Accommodation: 4**** hotel in centre of town
local ristorante, walking distance

Ride: <80k of corners, hills and undulations <1,000m asc or swim!

Blue Seas in Oresoi Gulf, Sardinia

Sunday June 25 2017 | Orosei → Olbia

For our final day of riding, we’ve got a flat 85k run into Olbia, nothing to climb over higher than 100 metres. Along coastal roads with occasional sea views from between the trees. All day to do it in, as well. Coffee, picnic lunch etc. A glorious day to finish with!

Accommodation: 4**** hotel in centre of town
local ristorante, walking distance

Ride: 85k of corners, hills and undulations 500m asc

Monday June 26 2017 | Arrivederci

After breakfast, it's time to pack up and move on from Olbia. Our official finish point is the hotel. However we (Topbike Staff) will be on an afternoon ferry to Livorno, before driving up towards Brescia and our base just north of there. If you need a lift to Brescia railway station or elsewhere, we will have a few seats. Please let us know if well in advance, if you want to come along.

Topbike's Tour of Sardinia includes:

Please note:

  • Please pack your bike in a collapsible bag or disposable cardboard box.
    [See our FAQ's and recommendations section on packing your bike]
  • Please also see our recommended list of things to bring, it is most important to bring front and rear flashing lights.
  • NB: The itinerary above is to be used as a guide only, as Topbike Tours are well known for making use of all (and creating some extra) opportunities, expect that variations from the above can happen at any time. Please note all distances are approximate and subject to change.

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Tour of Sardinia - June 16-26 2017*

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