Topbike Granfondo Weekend, Yellow Jersey get-together & Topbike in Sicily 2015

Topbike Giro Fiat, outside The Corner Store, Station St, Forrest

Topbike Granfondo Weekend, Yellow Jersey get-together, and the Tour de France route announced.

Nov 15-16, 'Pan y Agua' double granfondo ride weekend

We have the Topbike 'Pan y Agua' (bread & water) weekend on at Forrest. 70k/140k-120k ride options over the weekend, fully supported, free of charge. Dinner at the Forrest Brewery Saturday night. (NB dinner is not FOC, sorry!).

Contact us for more details and to book in to ride & dine.

Photo Above: The #TopbikeGiroFiat outside the Forrest Corner Store, where we meet for coffee on the Granfondo weekend, Nov 15-16.

Nov 18, Tuesday lunch, Yellow Jersey get-together

The Maiilot Jaune Club has many luncheons, but this is the first one where 6 of their 7 patrons will be in attendance. Phillip Anderson, Stuart O'Grady, Bradley McGee, Cadel Evans, Simon Gerrans and Baden Cooke will all be there, only Robbie McEwen will be absent. This one is a do not miss if you live in Melbourne, you can find more details here (Get on my table, if you can).

Topbike in Sicily June 5-15, 2015

Sicily is one of the most beautiful places in the world to ride your bike. Think great riding, magnificent scenery, quiet roads, excellent cuisine and top notch accomms Contact us about our Feast of Sicily - Eat-Drink-Ride (also known as Topbike's Tour of Sicily!

The Tour de France route for 2015 is announced tonight

Following tonight's announcement we'll be finalising our tour plans to follow next year's TdF.

Dates are TdF1 July 8-14 and TdF Paris July 17-27. Expect our itineraries to be completed next week. Four places remain on TdF Paris presently.

Our full 2015 calendar is now available on the website - see below.

You can (also) find us on Facebook, twitter, strava, instagram, google+ et al, or even at home, drop around!

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