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2016 La Vuelta Wrap

Fantastic racing, almost from the gun, and like the TdF all the winning moves were done from the seat of their pants-or chamois. While Quintana, Froome, Contador, Chaves et al, probably didn't all ignore the power meter completely, it wasn't controlled from the team car. And OBE had a blinder, probably their best grand tour result. Well done to them. Great weather, terrific locations, and we had a film crew along, on tour, to capture it all. The film's all about MAMILs, not sure about the release date, but I am sure we'll all get to see it, one day soon.

Tour of Sardinia Reccy

Took my beautiful girls over to Sardinia last week. That's them in the photo above, doing the Ebike-tag-along. The tour will start and finish in Olbia, and take an anti-clockwise route. We found a good mix of remote luxury accomms, unique agriturismos and enough old town locations to make it a fabulous tour. Full itinerary is in production, dates June 16-26 in 2017. See Cucinare report also!

Tour of Sardinia Reccy - Cycling


Ride report - Local MTB Marathon in Iseo

There was a local MTB Marathon on last Sunday, starting in Iseo. It's one we'd known about for a while, but had usually returned to Australia before the date. With our big season this year, MBW and I had both planned to race it, but Emma pulled up 'un po malato' so opted out. Despite breaking a finger 4 weeks ago I still wanted to give it a crack.

1500 riders took to the start line, with 1249 of them in front of me. The race was only 41k, but there were two steep sections. One of them averaged 20% for 2.5k, which was the end of the final climb, and about 3k from home.

The moral of the story is, if you start a race with a broken finger, it will still be broken at the finish. And probably hurt a little bit more. I must have overtaken 400 people, as I finished in 820th. I couldn't get an age group start (no italian licence) but I would have placed about mid-field in Masters 6. The depth of talent here, in a local bike race never fails to surprise.

L'Eroica this weekend

I'm writing this in a friends place in Florence, about to head down to the Chianti region for L'Eroica on Sunday. Although there is a lot more to this yesteryear event than the riding (all bikes used are pre-'87). Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook posts, as the bike market and fashions should provide plenty of terrific shots. Our tour continues after Eroica, down to Rome, and finishes with a Granfondo along the Appian way the following weekend.


Next year we’ve got Corsica, the 100th Giro, the aforementioned Tour of Sardinia, TdF Climbs and of course TdF Paris. Ebikes a plenty. One rider on Corsica this year rode 110k, with climbs, with the front group, and flattened the battery 200m from home. Dismounted feeling fresh as a daisy. Get that non-cycling partner along on one, they’ll love it. NB: Another rider took the strava KOM on Alpe d’Huez… I kid you not, but that’s another story.

Photos: MBGs above, and below, no 'Penne allo Scoglio', just a cracking open grill at another ristorante on Sardinia.

Cucinare report

They just sneak up on you. Those fantastic dishes, when you least expect it.

The owner of our BnB had given us the details of the closest/local, so we set off with little expectation, only to get a table at the early time of 7.15, and be fed. The staff were still finishing their meal when we arrived, but seated us with little ado, adding it'd be a moment before the kitchen got going, so we were offered aperitivi, and the menu (perfect).

My long time favorite in Italy is 'Spaghetti Vongole' but as I had already scored two in row on Sardinia, I ventured down the menu to 'Penne allo Scoglio'. Scampi, prawns, vongole (clams) and cozze (mussels) in a tomato sugo. But what a sugo! It can only be tomatoes, garlic, salt, parsley and not much else....surely? I wanted to go into the kitchen, order another, and watch it get made. 10 out of 10, and every time I pick up a menu now, I'll be looking for it, and hoping for an equal.

Ristorante Sa Sevada in Guardia Grande

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