2017 TDF Tour Spots Still Available - And New Bikes Are Coming!

World Champion Peter Sagan - Checker Hill Adelaide Tour Down Under

Topbike 2017 TdF Paris Places

TDF 2017 - Ride into ParisIn this year of the 100th Giro d'Italia, there is still another race to see, yes, the Tour de France...!

Usually we fill all our TdF tour places in the first month after Le Tour finishes, but as there is big interest for the Giro (all places full, sorry) the TdF has a couple of gaps. Three to be precise. Four at a squeeze.

TOUR DE FRANCE - PARIS July 14-24, 2017

We've put together a terrific tour that has us using just three accomms for the entire ten days. We're including a 500yo chateau, a traditional french farmhouse at the foot of Alpe d'Huez, and our usual Parisian Hotel. So, not a lot of unpacking/packing and plenty of time to ride your bike in the Pyrenees and the Alps.

So if you've ever been thinking about coming along to the TdF, make this the year. Who knows what could happen in 2018?

New Bikes for TopBike

This year we are updating half our fleet with new handmade, full-carbon, Italian steeds. They'll be equipped with the best brakes and electronic gearing. We'll announce the brand shortly, once everything is confirmed.

You can always take an E-bike if the hills bother you... everyone who rides one gets hooked. Put your partner on one, and I bet you'l struggle to beat 'em up a hill!

Tour of Corsica - Eat-Drink-Ride JUNE 2-12 2017For the Record

The Giro, Sardinia and TdF Climbs are all full.
BUT ...Our Tour of Corsica (fantastic!) and TdF Paris (even better!) have some gaps.

EAT-DRINK-RIDE - Tour of Corsica: June 2-12 2017

Follow the links or contact us for more info.

Top, yes, that's World Champion Peter Sagan, getting crossed up on top of the very steep Checker Hill (not far from Adelaide), in this year's Tour Down Under.
Below, Roadside selfie, McLarenVale during the TDU.

Roadside Selfie

Cucinare Report

*(Vegetarians please skip this one)
My favorite cut for the BBQ.

This year, along with my penchant for Pork Sausages with Fennel, I'm going nuts for the Rib Eye cut. Usually, due to the thickness of the bone/cut, I can achieve a terrific almost crusty grilling of the outside and keep the inside rare. Just depends on the timing. NB one normally feeds two of us.

Most of my grilling is done on a hot BBQ, lid down, with the steak in the middle, outside burners only, on. 5 minutes, flip, then 3 minutes. With the Rib Eye I go to 8 and 5. Yes, I'd prefer a charcoal grill, but hey, you can't have everything.

For the best (Melbourne) Rib Eye, try:

MeatSmith - Fitzroy
Jonathan's - Collingwood
Chianina Beef - Online delivery
West of Geelong, try Mid-West Meats, they deliver from Colac.
For Pork Sausages with Fennel, I find mine at the Preston Market, and Sicily. Let me know if you have a better place.

And as the Vegetarians have left us, here's a quote from Jonathan's website:
'Vegetables are interesting, but lack a sense of purpose when unaccompanied by a good cut of meat"
- Fran Lebowitz (1950- )

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